About Us

United Global Store [UGS] is an ever expanding group of online and direct sales retailers.  Our primary focus is to deliver shopping experience powered by great care and service. With our mission of helping international (ethnic) communities in the USA obtain products and services that make them feel at home combined with an excellent in-language support, we made thousands of our customer’s lives more enjoyable and comfortable. Our current expanding product and services offering includes: ZAAPTV, maaxTV, House-ware items, Hookah and Shisha products, and various online directories.

Our products are all designed to enhance comfort, increase pleasure and quality of life for our customers. We only select products that have substantial value, excellent quality and support, and the right price.

At UGS we provide our suppliers immediate access to the US market through niche marketing campaigns, ever expanding online footprint, and excellent personalized direct sales channels and resellers. With our performance based model, our suppliers greatest benefit is the low cost of entry with high effectiveness, in addition to our direct reach to the ethnic and international consumers in the USA.

At inception in 2008 UGS started by offering various types of telecom products, and IPTV boxes.  In 2010 UGS introduced MAAXTVSTORE.COM and then ZAAPTVSTORE.COM offering IPTV boxes [zapptv and maaxtv] to customers who want to watch international channels.  In 2012 we introduced LifeStyleNations.com offering house-ware, and home products.  We recently started our HoockahPacks.com offering quality hookahs and shisha products to US customers nationwide.

We are currently working on online directories to help our customers find the niche products and services they are looking for.  Our first launch was for the hookah places directory WorldHookahDirectory.com.