Welcome to United Global Store(s)

United Global Store [UGS] is an ever expanding group of online and direct sales retailers. Our primary focus is to deliver shopping experience powered by great care and service. With our mission of helping international (ethnic) communities in the USA obtain products and services that make them feel at home combined with an excellent in-language support, we made thousands of our customer’s lives more enjoyable and comfortable. Our current expanding product and services offering includes: ZAAPTV, maaxTV, House-ware items, Hookah and Shisha products, and various online directories.



ZAAPTVSTORE.COM is a distributor of ZAAPTV the most desirable Arabic entertainment IPTV in the world. Customers who purchase the zaaptv store enjoy watching over 1200+ International Channels including many Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Kurdish and Farisi.



LifeStyleNations.COM is an online outlet for many unique products from around the world. Our product mix includes electronics, house goods, and many more. We are constantly improving our product line-up.



MAAXTVSTORE.COM is a distributor of MAAXTV another very popular Arabic entertainment IPTV. With the excellent work of the United Global Store marketing and sales team, Maaxtv has gained huge popularity in the USA also due to the excellent support and performance of the product compared to it’s competitors.



HookahPacks.com is an online store for Hookah kits. Our kits come in different options to choose from depending on the budget and experience of the user. Starting at only $59 our Hookah Packs include everything that the hookah user will need to start enjoying their hookahs.



WorldHookahDirectory.com is a directory of hookah lounges, restaurants, cafes, and shops around the world. You can add, review or claim a hookah listing. We have just introduced our events feature where hookah lounge owners can announce events at their locations.



SalamSuperMarket.com is an online store for international foods and goods. The store is ideal for international customers (ethnic) who reside in the USA to find their most favorite grocery and products from back home. We have Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, and Latin foods, grocery and goods.